Meet Heidi

Hello, my friend. I'm Heidi and I am so delighted to connect with you!

I am told by many I have really good energy. I know our only purpose in being here is to love and support one another. I have achieved zero judgment, full acceptance of all where they are on their journey. I know the only person I have control over is myself and that all that any of us can do is be the example of what we want to see. I see every challenge as a gift and have acquired solid faith to see the gift in every challenge.

I am a teacher and eager student of healing as I am continuously expanding my learning through my studies in energy psychology. I am an ordained Reverend through Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc., a Reiki Master, and a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner. Additionally, I’ve received Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 1 and 2 Training and I am currently in the process of receiving the rites of the Munay Ki shamanism. I use heart coherence as taught by the Heart Math Institute and am an avid follower of the teachings of Abraham Hicks (which was the catalyst in creating the life I want). 

Learning is my passion... gathering knowledge from documentaries or reading about quantum physics, epigenetics, ETs, and the latest energy medicine modalities.  I've also embraced hand drumming! I learn more and more each day and I implement my knowledge and tools continuously resulting in my constant amazement, joy, and gratitude. 

I do yoga and meditation as I live clean, choosing to be gluten free, dairy free, drug free, alcohol free, sugar free, and corn free.

What else do I do that brings me fulfillment? Walking in nature... hugging trees... (feel their energy!) and going to the ocean where I drink in its powerful beauty, immerse myself in its water, and lay on the sand; hanging out with my healing circle friends; drawing mandalas while listening to shows about Gaia; and, taking epsom salt, baking soda, and apple cider baths!

I only put into my head what I want to experience and because of this, I choose to not own a television and not to read newspapers. I attend healing circles twice a week, crystal meditation once a month, and drumming and chanting events. I am mindful of and intentional with the words I choose that create my experience.

My "fun" used to be going out to dinner and drinking which used to leave me feeling lonely and depressed afterwards. The things I choose to do now totally energize me and lift me up. No more drinking. No more numbing out. I say to myself every day "I truly love my life" and it is so. To read more about how I arrived at this point in my life - my personal journey, if you will - click here!

Please feel free to contact me directly at any time.  I also invite you to learn more about a complimentary Realization Session with me.

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